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Andalusia lies in the very south of the Pyrenean peninsula and stretches from the province of Almeria to the border with Portugal in the west. Andalusia embodies everything that is generally held to be "typically Spanish": passionate flamenco, a toreador face-to-face with a dangerous bull, and continual fiestas under the hot Andalusian sun. Nowhere in Spain do they celebrate so many festivals or are there such colourful celebrations as here. Christian culture mixes with Islam in certain parts of the region. Indeed Andalusia is a region full of contrasts. It is still possible to come across simple and harsh living conditions that have practically not changed in centuries in the countryside, whereas life in towns has changed dramatically, especially in the highly developed tourist area of the Costa del Sol. Andalusia will also enchant you with its architecture, in particular the architecture from the times of Moorish rule, which lasted some 800 years in southern Spain.
You certainly won’t be bored in Andalusia. There is a whole host of options to go alongside sunning yourself on the beach, water sports, having a coffee by the harbour, or walking along the promenade. You might like to head into the mountains which often protrude from the narrow coastal belt and visit a typical mountain village, with its peculiar white homes perched on the rocks themselves. Ancient cities with Moorish fortifications offer a unique atmosphere, for example the city of Granada and its world-famous Alhambra. You could also fill your spare time by skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountain range (the season runs from December to April). Another interesting option is to visit the British territory of Gibraltar or the southernmost tip of the peninsula Tarifa, where the waters of the Mediterranean Sea meet the Atlantic Ocean. Or if the continent of Europe is too small for you, just take a seat on one of the many boat connections to the Moroccan port of Tangiers or Ceuta and spend a day or more in Africa.