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Condominiums are apartment buildings or the privately owned individual apartments within them, which Americans call “condos” for short. These can be buildings of only a few storeys in height or tower blocks of fifteen, thirty, or even forty-five floors and are able to offer the same pleasant and peaceful environment and relaxation as houses in residential districts. The apartments often have a view of the ocean, a bay, or a yachting harbour and can be bought for 2000 USD per m2, where the price per m2 in the given unit depends on location, view, and the services available in the building. Ownership of a luxury apartment on Miami Beach or on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with a good view and spacious interior can be bought for 5000 USD per m2.
Condominiums provide a wide range of services. The priority in each building is security. Apartments are secured with entrances with automatic opening or 24-hour guard. The staircase and corridor areas are attractively and tastefully decorated. A common element is a hall and fountain, artificial waterfalls, or a winter garden, which together with the air-conditioning contributes to the quality of the atmosphere in the building. There is usually at least one pool in the condominium complex and often a separate pool for children and a jacuzzi. Recreation options within the buildings are often further enhanced by a sauna, massage parlour, fitness centre, sports pitches, and often a library and games room. Some condominiums have a private beach and yacht berth.