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CroatiaPortugalSpainUSA - Florida
Climate: humid subtropical and tropical
Landscape: low-country with an altitude of 30 metres above sea level; the highest point is Britton Hill at a mere 105 m above sea level
Area: 170 451 km2
Population (2004): 17 397 161
Capital city: Tallahassee
State system: the state of USA – federative Presidential republic in North America
Ethnic composition: American, Hispanic, Asiatic
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Religion: Christianity (54 % Protestant, 26 % Roman Catholic)
Currency: Dollar (USD)
Absolute value of GDP: 550 thousand million USD
GDP per head of population: 30 098 USD
Unemployment (2005): 2.6 %
Inflation (2005): 4.5 %.
Administrative division: 67 districts (counties)
Most significant economic activities: agriculture, food-processing, electronic technology, chemicals, wood-processing, and shipping
Membership of international organisations (selection): NATO, G-7, UN, NAFTA, OECD.