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CroatiaPortugalSpainUSA - Florida
Climate: Mediterranean, temperate
Landscape: the north of the country is mountainous, while lowlands and low plateaux dominate the south. The highest mountain on the mainland is Mondego and the highest point of the country as a whole is Mount Pico in the Azores. The Azores and Madeira are volcanic in origin.
Area: 92 391 km2
Population (2005): 10 566 212
Capital city: Lisbon (564 657 inhabitants)
State system: pluralist republic
Ethnic composition: Portuguese, Brazilian
Languages: Portuguese
Religion: Roman Catholic 95 %, Protestant 4 %
Currency: Euro
Growth of real GDP: 1 %
Absolute value of GDP: 204 thousand million USD
GDP per head of population: 19 949 USD
Unemployment (2005): 7.2 %
Inflation (2004): 2.4 %
Administrative division: 18 districts and 2 autonomous territories (the Azores and Madeira)
Most significant economic activities: agriculture, the clothing industry and footwear industry, the car industry, and the manufacture of cement. Approximately 75 % of foreign trade in this country's goods is within the EU.
Membership of international organisations (selection): NATO, European Union, UN, OECD