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Climate: Mediterranean
Landscape: almost 40 % of the area of Croatia is covered by mountain ranges. The country touches the eastern part of the Alps and continues on to the Pannonian Plains in the east of the country, between which two areas are the Dinaric Mountains and the highest point in the country, Dinara.
Area: 56 542 km2
Population (2004): 4 496 869
Capital city: Zagreb
State system: parliamentary republic
Ethnic composition: Croatian and Serbian
Languages: Croatian
Religion: Christianity (88 % Roman Catholic)
Currency: Kuna (kn)
Growth of real GDP: 3.8 %
Absolute value of GDP: 55.6 thousand million[B1] USD
GDP per head of population: 12 364 USD
Unemployment (2005): 10 %
Inflation (2005): 9.35 %
Administrative division: 20 administrative areas (“županija”).
Most significant economic activities: agriculture, tourism, chemical and engineering industries, metallurgy, shipbuilding
Membership of international organisations (selection): UN