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The brand MEDITERRÁNEA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS was established in 1998, when a Spanish company Mediterranea R.E.I. S.L, dealing with investments in Spanish properties, was founded. In 2002 a Czech subsidiary MEDITERRÁNEA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS s.r.o. was opened. It specialized in counselling in real estate purchases abroad and investments in foreign and Czech real estate. Mainly based on the partners´ experience with their own investments, ownership and management of real estate in Spain and other countries, the company has always been recognized as a serious partner in its field. Since 2010, Lucie Pilipová has been the owner of the brand MEDITERRÁNEA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.

Since 2014, MEDITERRÁNEA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS has been an exclusive partner for Property Abroad of a
prestigious Prague-based real estate company, Svoboda & Williams. It currently offers residential and commercial properties in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Croatia and Florida. We provide our clients with comprehensive legal and consulting services with regard to the purchase of foreign real estate.

Lucie Pilipová
obrazek162pomocny Lucie Pilipová graduated in international relations and foreign trade at the University of Economics in Prague and in economics and journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1990-1991). She worked as a Central European and war correspondent in the former Yugoslavia for Antena 3 de Radio in Madrid, as an editor of the domestic Czech TV news and then worked as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Head of the Press Department for three years. Between 1994 and 1998 she was the director of the Foundation Bohemiae. Since 1998 she has been in business. With her partners she founded a Spanish company Mediterranea R.E.I. S.L., and then, in 2002, the Czech subsidiary Mediterranea R. E.I. She was a co-owner of the companies Via Perfecta Ltd. (Event management and PR). Millenium Ltd. (Catering), Gastro Žofín Ltd. (Catering and restaurant Žofín Palace) and Trnová1 Ltd. (Operation of the Chateau Trnová). In recent years, she has devoted herself exclusively to the sale of foreign real estate and luxury properties in Prague and works as a real estate-investment consultant.

Ivana Balková

obrazek170pomocny After graduating from the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague she spent 8 years in the dynamic environment of information technologies, mostly working as a sales manager for public and banking sector. In 2001, she decided to start up her own business. She organized personal development seminars in both the Czech Republic and abroad for two years. Then she started to collaborate with Mediterránea Real Estate Investments as a Sales & Marketing Manager for Property Abroad. In 2009, she founded a training and educational company VIVIA, which was one of the first in the market incorporating various experiential methods and techniques in company education programmes. At the end of 2014, she resumed her cooperation with the brand MEDITERRÁNEA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.